Round Bar Grades

Stainless Steel Round Bars

Stainless Shapes only supplies round bar with superior machinability and strictest standards for dimensional conformity. If you are looking for extended tool life and free machining stainless in the market, look no further than Stainless Shapes. We only order from the highest quality mills that are ISO certified and can meet your expectations. See our round bar grades below.

Our Round Bar Tolerances

SpecsSize OD Range InchesTolerances
ASTM-A-632Under 0.094.002″.000″10%10%
Welded & Seamless.094 to 0.187.003″.000″10%10%
Cold Finished.188 to 0.500.004″.000″10%10%
ASTM-A-269Under 0.500.005″.005″15%15%
Welded & Seamless0.500 to 1.499.005″(1)005″10%10%
General Service1.500 to 3.499.010″(2).010″10%10%
Cold Finished3.500 to 5.499.015″(3).015″10%10%
Hot Finished5.500 to 8.000.030″.030″10%10%

SpecsSize OD Range InchesTolerances
ASTM-A-249Under 1.000.004″.004″10%l0%
ASME-SA-2491.000 to 1.500.006″.006″10%10%
Welded & Cold Worked1.501 to 1.999.008″.008″l0%10%
Heat Exchanger Tube2.000 to 2.499.010″.010″10%10%
Average Wall2.500 to 2.999.012″.012″10%10%
(see Note 1)3.000 to 4.000.015″.015″10%10%
4.001 to 5.000.015″.025″10%10%
ASTM-A-213Under 1.000.004″.004″20%0%
ASME-SA-2131.000 to 1.500.006″.005″20%0%
Cold Finished Seamless1.501 to 1.999.008″.008″22%0%
Heat Exchanger Tube2.000 to 2.499.010″.010″22%0%
Minimum Wall2.500 to 2.999.012″.012″22%0%
(see Note 2 & 3)3.000 to 4.000.015″.015″22%0%
4.001 to 5.000.015″.025″22%0%
SpecsSize OD Range InchesTolerances
.125 to .250.250 and Over
ASTM-A-5111.125 to 1.499±.005″±12.5%±10.0%
AMS 5639 AMS 56481.500 to 3.499±.010″±12.5%±10.0%
Seamless Hollow Bar3.500 to 5.499±.015″±12.5%±10.0%
Cold Finished5.500 to 8.000±.031″±12.5%±10.0%
ASTM-A-5111.125 to 2.999±.023″± l5.0%± 12.5%
Seamless Hollow Bar3.000 to 5.499±.031″±15.0%±12.5%
Hot Finished5.500 to 8.000±.047″±15.0%±12.5%
Some Hot Finished Sizes may require outside diameter tolerance of ± 1.5% of OD.
Round bar specifications
Round bar specs
round bar grades

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