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Stainless Shapes is a trusted 410 Stainless Steel supplier. 410 Stainless Steel is part of the 400 series of stainless. Now by definition, the 400 series has two special distinctions over the 300 series. The 400 has 11% more chromium and 1% more manganese. Because of this, they are more inclined to rust than the 300 series, but are also higher in strength and have greater wear resistance.

410 are usually delivered in a state that is hardened but machineable in certain conditions. They will always be at least 11.5% chromium which means that they will be hard to manipulate over time. However, key features to look out for are their high use as working parts and maximum corrosion resistance after full work.

410 Stainless Key Features

Useful applications – 410 Stainless steel is often used in things such as pump shafts, valve components, kitchen utensils, dental/surgical equipment, and more. There isn’t a lot of high-termperature or high-corrosion uses for these devices, though they have a high usage in the fields that they are commonly used for.

Corrosion Resistance – Grade 410 stainless steels are resistant to hot gasses, steam, food, mild acids and alkalies, fresh water and dry air. These steels obtain maximum corrosion and heat resistance through hardening. However, grade 410 steels are less corrosion resistant than austenitic grades and grade 430 ferritic alloys containing 17% chromium. The smooth surface finish offers improved performance of steels.

Note on Heat Resistance: Grade 410 sheets of steel have excellent scaling resistance at temperatures of up to 650°C. However, the mechanical properties of the material will tend to reduce at temperatures ranging from 400 to 580°C. So while it is attainable, it’s not maintainable.

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410 Stainless
410 Stainless

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