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Stainless Shapes is a proud 416 Stainless Steel supplier. 416 Stainless has a machinability of 85% meaning it is the highest workable stainless on the market. This machinability means that we provide it in multiple forms such as tempered, hardened or unhardened. You can even increase that machinability more with the inclusion of manganese sulphide and other like chemical additives.

416 Stainless SteelThis is martensitic steel, meaning it can be tested non-destructively and have high hardness. Despite these two bonuses, they have lower corrosion resistance than austenitic steels. In conclusion, they have low ductility at sub-zero temperatures, and higher strengths with over-tampering.

416 Stainless Steel Characteristics

Corrosion Resistance – These have high resistance to acids. However, they have less corrosion than austenitic grades, 430 Ferritic, non-free-machining steels and any steel with +17% chromium. They are created with smooth surfaces and high corrosion resistance in mind. Regardless, these should stay away from chlorides and marine environments.

Heat Resistance – They will be able to withstand temperature differences of 1160-1400 Fahrenheit, depending on the continuous conditions. As a result, 416 should NOT be employed at temperatures higher than normal tempering conditions.

Treatment and Welding – 416 offers poor weldability, but can be carried by preheating to 400-572 and stress relieved to 1200.

  • 416 SteelFull Annealing – Annealed to temperature 1500-1650 for a half hour and followed with air-cooling after setting it at 85 degrees.
  • Sub-Critical – 1200-1400 and air-cooled.
  • Hardening – Scorch it up to 1700-1850, quench with oil and temper, this will improve mechanical properties of the steel. Tempering should not be carried out a t temperatures ranging 750-1075 due to low ductility.

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