Nickel 800

Nickel 800

Nickel 800Nickel 800 is one of the most common metals that is used and ordered from Stainless Shapes. Being Nickel, it has a great composition for corrosion resistance, and its mixture of iron adds to the much-needed strength of such a durable metal. If you believe Nickel 800 is right for you, it is often used in fields that require high heat exchange, high-pressure situations, industrial heating and industrial pressure.

Characteristics of Nickel 800

Chemical Composition – The typical chemical composition can change but never beyond these specified parameters. 30-32% Nickel, 19-22% Chromium, Majority Balance Iron, equal parts minute: C, Mn, Si, Cu, P, S, Al, Ti.
For the High temp version, increase both aluminum and titanium.

Nickel Alloy 800Corrosion Resistance – This brand of Nickel has a much higher corrosion resistance than most stainless steel specs including 304. While it may have higher corrosion which makes it ideal for long-term use, it is also able to withstand similar strength and strain tests under similar conditions.

Machinability – If has good weldability and machinability, being able to form to whatever choices you could have a need for. Like similar nickel alloys, you don’t need a high heat for annealing; it just has to evenly disperse and have a cooling period to maintain it’s shape and structure. If you have any additional questions, we encourage you to call our Illinois office and Mill.

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