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Stainless Shapes is a proud Stainless Steel products supplier. We’ve been family owned for over a decade and have over 25 years in the industry. With the ability to push millions of pounds of stainless and alloy every year and only supply the best raw materials with honest service. We stock a large variety of grades and conditions of stainless and alloys. Not sure what you are looking for? Just ask!

Stainless Steel Products Available:

stainless steel tool

As a trusted 316 & 304 supplier, we supply fully certified and 100% traceable material that is ROHS compliant, ensuring the highest quality. Not sure what you’re looking for? Contact us now.

Stainless Steel Grades:

304/304Lracks of stainless steel rods – 304 references the type of composition that the stainless is made of. When you have stainless steel, you are mixing it with different metals and forming it. 304 happens to be the most commonly used type of stainless. Also known as 18-8 because it is 18 percent chromium and 8 percent nickel. The ‘L’ stands for ‘low carbon’.

316/316L – This is the second most commonly sold stainless that interacts with salt water or corrosive chemicals. The main reason it is used over the 304 is that this is an 18-12* metal. This additional metal and this higher focus on Nickel makes it much more resilient to the forces of water over 304 steel works. You’ll most often see these in ship crafts, dams, barges, and docks.
*= The average nickel amount in 316 bars ranges from 10-14 with 12 being the most common percentage.

ASTM – ASTM is an international foundation for setting standards. Having been in business for several decades, most of everything American made will adhere to the ASTM guidelines.

ASTM A276/A276M – This is the standard for specification of stainless bars and shapes presented by ASTM. The standard pertains to hot and cold rolled steel (referred to as hot-finished and cold-finished) and what grades to keep them too. This guide means that we adhere to all of the proper standards for creating and forging bars and shapes (anything above 3” in any of the three fundamental dimensions.)

ASTM A484/A484M – The Standard Specification for general requirements for stainless steel bars, billets, and forgings. The standard covers the following stipulations that alter the end product of a stainless steel product: Hot rolled, cold rolled, annealed, and heat-treated. We follow all of the appropriate standards that pertain to the classifications described in the issued by ASTM.

ASTM A479/A479M – The standard specification for stainless steel bars and shapes for use in boilers and other pressure vessels. This article defines the appropriate hot rolled and cold rolled steel and how they can handle the pressure of austenitic, austenitic-ferritic, ferritic, and martensitic grades. We are certified and perform all of our steel manufacturing up to that grade and level.

A Note on DFARS and RoHS:

DFAR and Domestic material available on request. While we choose the best mills on the market regardless of region, we prefer to choose material that is American made. We do stock NonDFAR in some sizes and grades with lower costs. If you are interested in purchasing DFAR or Domestic material, remind your sales rep to ensure that you receive DFAR or Domestic certified material. *Not All metal used in government or defense contracts requires DFARS’ standards.

stainless steel sheetsDFARS QUALIFYING COUNTRIES
Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, and the United Kingdom. (Per DFARS 225.872-1): Qualifying Countries. Metals Requiring Compliance. Not All metal used in government or defense contracts requires DFARS’ standards. DFARS “Specialty Metals” requiring compliance (Per DFARS 252.225-7008): DFARS

ROHS is to restrict certain dangerous substances commonly used in electronic and electronic equipment. Any time you see Rohs it is being checked for the presence of Lead (Pb), Cadmium (Cd), Mercury (Hg), Hexavalent chromium (Hex-Cr), Polybrominated biphenyls (PBB), and Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDE). For Cadmium and Hexavalent Chromium, there must be less than 0.01% of the substance by weight at raw homogeneous materials level. For Lead, PBB, and PBDE, there must be no more than 0.1% of the material, when calculated by weight at homogeneous raw materials. Any RoHS compliant component must have 100 ppm, or less of mercury and the mercury must not have been intentionally added to the component. In the EU, some military and medical equipment are exempt from RoHS compliance. (According to,2014)

15-5 PH0.07110.030.01514./ 5xC/.45 Ta .05M
17-4 PH0.07110.40.0315./17.50.53./5.3./5.Cb 5xC/.45 Ta .05MM
3020.12210.0470.0317./19.0.758./10.0.5N .10NM
302 S0.12210.15.15/.35.17/.190.68./.100.5P + S .18 MINNM
303 SE0.1220.7.12/.170.0417./19.0.68./10.0Se.15/.30NM
3040.08210.040.0318./20.18./10.51N .10NM
304 L0.03210.040.0318./20.18./11.1N .10NM
3160.081.25/2.0010.040.0316./18.2./3.10./14.0.5N .10NM
316 L0.031.25-2.0010.040.0316./18.2./3.10./14.1N .10NM
321.04/.08210.040.0317./19.0.758./12.0.75Ti 5x (C + N)/70NM
3300.082.75/ .025 Pb .005NM
347.04/.08210.040.0317./19.0.759./12.0.75Cb 10xC/1.10NM
410.12/. .05 Sn .05 N .08M
420.30/.40110.040.0312./ .05 Sn .05M
420 F.30/401.2510.06.15/.3512./
4300.12110.040.0316./ .05 Sn .05M
430 F0.121.2510.06.15 min14./18.0.6000M
431.13/.17.30/.80.20/.600.040.0315.5/ 010M
440 C.95/1.20110.020.0116./18..40/.650.750.50M
Nitronic 500.064./ Cb .10/.30 AL .02NM
Nitronic 600.17./9.3.5/4.50016./18.08.0/9.00V .10/.30 Ti .02 Zr .02 N.08/.18NM
Nickel 2000.150.350.3500.010099. Min0.25Fe .40M
Nickel 4000. Min0Ni +Co 63. Min Co 1.0 AI .50 Pb .006 Zn .02 Sn .006 Fe 2.50
Nickel 4050.320.50.02.025/.0600063./70.28./34.Co 1. Al .50 Pb .006 Zn .02 Sn .006 Fe 2.50
Nickel K-5000. Co 1.0 Ti .35/.85 Sn .006 Fe 2.0 Pb .006 Zn .020
Nickel 6000.1510.500.01514./17.0.572. Min0.5Al .35 Ti .50 Cb 1.0 Fe 6./10. Co 1.0 ta .05NM
Nickel 6250. .40 ti .40 Co 1.0 Cb 3.15/4.15 Fe 5.0 ta .05NM
7180.080.350.350.0150.01517./21.2.8/3.350./55.0.3Cb 4.75/5.5 ta .05 Pb .005 Co 1.0 Bi.00003 Se .0003 Ti .65/1.15 B .006 Al .20/.80 Fe BalNM
8000.11.5100.01519./23.030./35.0.75Al .15/.60 Ti .15/.60 Fe 39.5 MinNM
800 H.05/.101.5100.01519./23.030./35.0.75Al .15/.60 Ti .15/.60 Fe 39.5 minNM
8250.0510.500.0319.5/23.52.5/3.538./46.1.5/3.0Ti .60/1.20 Al .20 Fe 22.0 minNM
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