Nickel 825

Nickel 825 Supplier & Features

Nickel 825 is one of the toughest metals on the market and a great addition to any field. It’s exceptional characteristics and improved strength, particularly compared to Nickel 800, make it a popular choice in various industries.” Stainless Shapes is a proud Nickel Alloy 825 supplier. If you have any questions regarding the metal or the content. Give us a call, and a representative will help you straight away.

Nickel 825Common Applications – Chemical Processing, Air Pollution, Processing Metals, Offshore Production, Petroleum Farming, Waste Disposal, and of course Nuclear Waste handling and Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing.

Characteristics of Nickel 825

Chemical Composition – 825 is predominately composed of Nickel following Iron and Chromium making it strong and durable. Especially when it comes to chemical and nuclear corrosion. Nickel: 38-46, Iron: 22(+), Chromium: 19.5-23.5, Molybdenum: 2.5-3.5, other elements of similar grades.

Corrosion Resistance – As is typical of high nickel and high chromium metals, the corrosion resistance is excellent and among the highest in the market.Its exceptional capabilities and durability make the Alloy a frequent choice for use in both nuclear processing and chemical plants.

Machinability – With the capability to withstand pitting under stress and stress corrosion cracking, Alloy 825 possesses impressive durability. Forming and machining it can present some difficulties, but its fabrication follows the typical process of nickel-base alloys and can be accomplished through formable and weldable methods.

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