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Stainless Shapes is a reputable supplier of 409 stainless steel. 409 SS is a versatile ferritic stainless steel commonly used in automotive applications for its cost-effectiveness and resistance to normal stress and heat. Likewise, another variant of 409 stainless steel is SS 439, which has a higher steel grade and improved heat transfer and pollutant absorption capabilities.

Despite having low concentrations of chromium and nickel, SS 409 is not particularly known for its corrosion resistance. However, but it does exhibit some mild heat resistance. Welding of SS 409 requires preheating, which should be done between 150 and 260 degrees Celsius. Whereas, over-preheating can result in significant damage to the metal. SS 409 is often used for non-visual components in the automotive industry, such as engine parts and pipes.

Characteristics of 409

ss 439Chemical Composition – In any case, the chemical composition is a pretty standard buildout. For instance,  it’s a predominate balance of FE. Meanwhile, the rest is Fe, <0.08% C, 10.5-11.75% Cr, <0.5% Ni, <1.0% Mn, <1.0% Si, <0.045% P, <0.03% S, 6x%C-0.75% Ti. Therefore, its perfect for non-visual components.

Corrosion Resistance – Despite having a low concentration of Chromium and Nickel, this metal is not particularly noteworthy. This is because of its resistance to corrosion. On the other hand, it does exhibit a certain level of mild heat resistance.

Machinability – In general, welding of 409 requires preheating. In fact, the temperature range for preheating lies between 150 and 260 Celsius. Consequently, preheating is necessary for shaping the metal through molding. However, it’s important to note that excessive preheating can result in significant damage to the metal.

ss 409Common Applications – Lastly, you will constantly see 409 acting as non-visual pieces. For instance in the automobile industry. In fact, these can be anything from brakes and rotors to pipes and engine parts. However, more often than not, SS 439 will be used for catalytic converter. In conclusion it is a higher grade and is better at retaining pollutants.

What is SS 439?

Stainless Steel 439 is a variation of 409 with a higher steel grade. In case you are looking for a steel which has an enhanced ability to transfer heat and absorb pollutants, SS439 is the answer. In fact, it is particularly suitable for more intricate and demanding components within the automotive industry. Additionally, its superior characteristics make it a great choice for visually prominent pieces of a vehicle.

Firstly, SS 439 has a higher steel grade than SS 409, making it better equipped to transfer heat. Therefore, it is particularly beneficial for components that may be exposed to high temperatures. Secondly, SS 439 is known for its ability to retain pollutants, making it a suitable choice for applications that require resistance to harsh environments or exposure to contaminants.

In conclusion, SS 439’s superior properties make it a popular option for visually prominent pieces of a vehicle. Furthermore, SS 439 is known for its durability and long-lasting performance, making it a good choice for applications where long-term reliability is a concern. However, it is important to keep in mind that while SS 439 may offer improved properties compared to SS 409. In short whether you choose SS 409 or SS 439 both are cost effective.

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