Nickel 400

Nickel 400

Nickel 400 is a single-phase, solid-solution, nickel-copper alloy with excellent corrosion resistance to a wide range of media. Its unique composition provides a combination of the noble metal properties of copper as well as the passivation property of nickel.

Alloy 400 is widely used in many fields, especially marine and chemical processing. Typical applications are valves and pumps; pump and propeller shafts; marine fixtures and fasteners; electrical and electronic components; springs; chemical processing equipment; gasoline and fresh water tanks and much more.


Chemical Composition – The chemical composition is majorly nickel as would be expected. With a range of 63-70% nickel, it is going to possess high strength and corrosion resistance. The other major element is going to be copper which will help with heat dispersal as well as strength. This will have percentages ranging between 28 and 34%.

Corrosion Resistance – Nickel 400 is virtually immune to chloride ion stress corrosion cracking in typical environments. Its corrosion resistance is very good in reducing environments, but poor in oxidizing conditions. It is not useful in oxidizing acids, such as nitric acid and nitrous. Nevertheless, it is resistant to most alkalis, salts, waters, food products, organic substances and atmospheric conditions at normal and elevated temperatures.

NItronic 40Machinability –  Nickel 400 exhibits excellent weldability, and it is often found in marine applications such as seawater valves and pump shafts. These tubes are also used in chemical plant equipment, boiler feeders, and heat exchangers. For applications that require a high melting point and toughness under the harshest conditions. It also works well for high tolerance tubing.

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