Nickel 600

Nickel 600 Supplier & Features

Nickel Alloy 600 is one of the highest quality metals on the market. It has great strength, high corrosion resistance and a high tolerance for major heat. It’s standard for it to be at 72% nickel while also containing high concentrations of Iron, for strength, and Chromium, for heat transference. The Nickel 600 isn’t for everyone, but for the jobs that it does, it excels.

You can often see Nickel 600 in titanium dioxide plants, chlorination equipment that hits 1000 degrees, vacuum furnace fixtures, nuclear plants and more! Stainless Shapes is an experienced Nickel 600 supplier. Contact us to get a quote!

Specification of the Metal

Corrosion Resistance – Nickel Alloy 600 is a nickel-chromium alloy that provides excellent resistance to oxidation at high temperatures. It is also commonly used as a corrosion-resistant alloy due to its resistance to a wide range of acids and alkalis. 600 is standard nonmagnetic material applied during high-temp, high corrosive environments.
Chromium – The addition of chromium provides superior corrosion resistance in acidic environments, compared to a pure nickel, while allowing the material to maintain corrosion resistance in a reducing state and exhibit superior corrosion resistance to alkaline solutions.

Physical Properties – Nickel Alloy 600 is nonmagnetic and has excellent mechanical properties. 600 has high strength properties, good workability, and weldability. It is heat treatable.

Machinability – Alloy 600 is machinable in both the hot worked and annealed conditions. Because considerable heat is generated in machining this alloy, high-speed steel, cast nonferrous or cemented carbide tools should be used.

Applications – Alloy 600 is ideal for high temperature and high corrosion environments such as salt-water locations and nuclear waste facilities. It’s ability to stay strong and sturdy in these situations is what makes it so valuable.

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