Nickel 718

Nickel 718 Supplier

Nickel 718, also known as Inconel 718, is one of the higher strength nickel base alloys. Its ability to withstand cryogenic temperatures and offer long-term service up to 1200 degrees makes it suitable for use. Frequently produced in a hardened state, Inconel 625 is easily and quickly fabricated.

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Nickel 718 Specifications

Chemical Composition – The composition is what makes this piece so intriguing.It is roughly 50-55% Nickel. Whereas, Chromium, Niobium, Molybdenum make up the other 25-30% with the other large section dedicated to Iron. This means that it will have a ton of corrosion resistance without sacrificing hardness.

Physical Properties – The iron is what gives it such strength and hardness, although the rest of the chemicals bring down it is long form sustainable temperature. It can maintain it is strength and durability in temperatures of 1200 for long periods of time while being machinable and thus sustainable briefly near 1800.

Machinability –  At a high temperature, it is easily formed into whatever shape you like. However, it is hot annealed only. Cold annealing is allowable for small changes, but it is better to make all of the changes when the nickel is still piping hot.

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