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Nickel 200 Supplier

Stainless Shapes is a proud Nickel 200 supplier. Nickel alloy 200 is a pure, low-alloy nickel that has characteristics useful in several fields, such as chemical processing and electronics. It is highly resistant to ‘reducing’ chemicals and unparalleled in resistance for alkalies. When set side by side with pure nickels , it has a high electrical and thermal conductivity.

For Nickel 200, we provide commercially pure nickel which means that it is 99.6% pure. This is one of the most sought after metals for a variety of trades such as processing chemicals and electronic creation.


Chemical Composition – The chemical composition of this piece is relatively easy to determine since it is 99.6% pure nickel. The remaining .4% will be anything from Cooper, Iron, Manganese, Carbon, Silicon, and Sulfur. From most to least respectively.

Nickel 200Physical Properties – Nickel is one of the toughest metals around, no contest. At room temperature, it has high torsion strength and shear strength it withstands a high Rockwell rating especially compared to steel. At high temperatures, however, it becomes much weaker. It can only retain it’s strength up to temperatures around 600 degrees.

Corrosion Resistance – It is best inside where it will remain bright at all times and when outside is when it will begin to have a slow degradation of sulfide. However, it withstands sulfuric acids at low to mid temperatures and hydrochloric up to 30% concentration of the acid. More than that and rapid decay will begin to eat away at the metal.

What to Expect from Your Nickel 200 Supplier

If you aren’t sure if Nickel 200 is right for you, contact us! We have a dedicated sales team full of sales experts who know every aspect of the field. If you want to make sure you are receiving the best material for your operation, then call us, and we can talk you through your job and what the next best steps will be. Just call us today at (800) 748-9811

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