416R Stainless Steel – Gun Barrel

416R Stainless Steel Supplier – Gun Barrel

Stainless Shapes is proud to be a 416R Stainless Steel gun barrel supplier. 416R stainless steel 416R gun barrel material is used for firing pins, rifle barrel, tactical rifles, pistol barrels, and competitive rifles. In fact, the material is 100% Eddy current, and ultrasonically tested to ASTM 2375. Therefore, the 416R stainless steel gun barrel is the leading barrel for companies around the world.


Gun Barrel Material

Chemical Composition – This is martensitic steel, meaning it can be tested nondestructively and have high hardness. Despite these two characteristics, they have lower corrosion resistance than austenitic steels. In conclusion, they have low ductility at sub-zero temperatures and higher strengths with over-tampering.

Corrosion Resistance – Good corrosion resistance to inhibit rusting and which also helps to minimize fouling. 416R provides the right chemistry to be used in the fire arms industry. Being Stainless steel, it will be able to hold up to the stress of firing bullets. Furthermore, it can withstand the hot flashes of gun powder.

416R Stainless Gun BarrelMachinability – Material has been stress relived and straighten to guarantee good machinability for gun drilling and reaming, which is necessary to maintain bore accuracy. The microstructure responds to heat treating which gives this material a uniform core hardness along the length of the bar. The material is heat treated to HRC 26 -32 available special HRC requirements can be met upon request. Stainless Shapes provides its 416R with a durable finish which does not pit when properly maintained. Furthermore, 416R offers poor weldability but can be carried by preheating to 400-572 and stress relieved to 1200.

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