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Stainless Shapes offers stainless beams. We have a wide selection of beams available to order, and all of our stainless are made to meet ASTM 276, ASTM A484, ASTM A479/A479M standards. Not sure what you’re looking for, contact us now for pricing and availability!

Dimensions of Beams:

To understand why steel beams, receive the names they do, we need to explain the dimensions of the beams briefly. The way the beams are designed are by welding flat pieces of metal atop the strong supportive center. The center is called the web, because it keeps the two flat pieces (the flange) together. This allows both mobility and stability especially in moving strain.

Web: The web is the center of the beam and is usually graded by thickness. It is the connecting steel that maintains the beams integrity. It connects the two flanges together and helps disperse pressure.

Flange: The top and flat bottom pieces of steel that receive the brunt of the force. The flanges are flattened and dissipate pressure equally. The two piece run parallel to each other and in the case of I-Beams, are winged.

Stainless steel beam

Types of Stainless Steel Beams

Our beams are offered in: 304/316/2205 Duplex
For the most part, the beams are named after their most prominent aspect of the ‘I’ Shape. The I-beam is the universal and most identified model and because of that, the other beams are named comparatively to that bar.

I Beam – The most common beam in our inventory. The I-beams center web can only be rolled as much as a mill’s equipment can handle (5/8″). The I-Beam is lighter in weight which is why it is used so often. The I-Beam is also a solid piece of metal throughout. It is rolled and manufactured from one part. Can be hot-rolled or laser fused.

H Beam – The H-Beam is stronger than the I-beam, but it requires much more effort to produce in the process. Instead of being rolled together as one piece, an H-Beam is three pieces individually created and welded together. This allows each portion to be much stronger because you’re using the milling equipment three times to reinforce material as opposed to using the equipment once to make one item. Overall, the H-Beam is much heavier than the I-beam and can take much more force and pressure.

W Beam – Otherwise known as the ‘Wide-Flange’ beam. The W-beam has wide flanges instead of tapered flanges which help with dispersing weight. The wide flange also means that the same material shares the same thickness.

S Beam – Otherwise known as the ‘American Standard Beams.’ These are roughly the same thing as I-beams. This standard is because I-beam is an internationally debated beam with varying dimensions in different countries. Buying the S beam means that you are buying ‘The American Standard’ I-beam, as opposed to a foreign I-Beam standard.

Stainless Steel Beams
Stainless Steel Beams variations
Stainless steel beam graphic

Stainless Steel Beams Sizes: I / S

Stainless Steel Beams Type:  I / Wide Flange Beam Laser Fused

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