The fundamental difference

Both Monel and Inconel have nickel as their primary metal. However, Monel has copper and Inconel has Chromium.

To better distinguish the difference between these two, we need to address the strength of their dual-primary ingredient.

The Difference Between Copper and Chromium

Nickel Chromium

monel or inconelNickel and chromium together are fantastic at fending off oxidation and high-temperature corrosion. This would make them ideal for places that interact with frequently different gasses and large temperature variances.

Oil and Gas Extraction, aerospace, and pharmaceutical application are great examples of industries that would require Nickel Chromium or Inconel.

monel vs inconel

Nickel Copper

Nickel Copper, however, is great for corrosion resistance. Their notable strengths would be against sea water, both hydrofluoric and sulfuric acids, as well as alkalies and harsher acids.

These strengths play to the trades of chemical processing, sea refineries, oil refineries, as well as coastal structures. If you work in these fields, you will benefit from the Nickel Copper or Monel alloys.

Alternate Characteristics

nickel monel Regardless of heat transference and corrosion resistance, there are other factors that will affect your purchase of either.

Inconel, on average, tends to have higher yields and tensile strength. This will tend to make it greater as a structural product if you are looking to use it in chemical plants.

Additionally, while we wrote about how Monel is better when dealing with sea water and corrosion resistance, it is worth noting that Inconel 625 specifically does particularly well at resisting sea water and marine conditions, in the chance you are looking for a happy medium.

Stainless Shapes

Our southern branch is located in Florida, so we will often interact with those who frequently inquire about monel and Inconel. If you have any additional questions about which of these nickel-based products will be better for you, go ahead and give us a call! We would love to sort you out!

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